Diploma Attestation

Sahara attestation service confirms that the certificate, diploma and certificate selected has been issued for that constituency and mentioned seal and signature on that particular diploma certificate is authentic.

Indian diploma certificate can be done from the source country to testify. To use a bachelor's degree in the United Arab Emirates, should be attested certificate of concern HRD / MEA & corresponding embassy of the country that a certificate holder plans to go.

We can complete all the process of whatever degree, whether even the certificate holder does not exist in the exporting country

Indian Attestation

Documents emanating from India to the need to control by the competent Indian authorities .

A) Must be certified documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, death and another medical certificate issued in India both by the notary of the Interior Ministry in the territory of the State domain / Union on the certificate.

Mandatory B) certificate training / transfer of universities and other institutions of higher education must be certified by:

Ministry of Education, Ministry of Development of Human Resources, New Delhi

Consular Section at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Patiala House, New Delhi.

UAE consulate in Mumbai or the UAE embassy in New Delhi.

C needed) training certificate / move up to class XII (12) to be countersigned by the head of district education before being presented to the World remand center for certification.

D) Must be certified commercial documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, New Delhi, India, before being presented to the detention center for the certificate of certification of world reserves

E) An authority, and if documented in India, must be countersigned by the Ministry of the Interior in the territory of the state / union concerned . http://www.attestationservices.info/ 

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